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Dan Finneran

Dan Finneran

Senior Driver and export packer

Our gentle giant- Dan is 6 foot 5 tall! Always easy going and level headed, he will bring a calming influence to your removal day. Dan is very experienced in export packing and wrapping, and is very comfortable when it comes to moving large delicate items with care.


Wrapping fragiles, Cricket


Slackers, junk food

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28 March 2018

"The most stressful experience, soothed and supported by Mark and a fine and friendly crew. Thank you all so much," Michael Woolf 28 March 2018

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22 September 2017

Team of three moved us from one flat to another in London. “Great service as always from Clapham Removals. No problems whatsoever and the work was done quickly and not one thing was broken! Would not hesitate to use again.”

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5 May 2018

"Pat and Dave were superb - fantastic, lovely and kind." Martina L.

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24 March 2018

"Great, friendly team - made me laugh all day." Elisabeth Eppick